History of All Saints Cemetery

All Saints Cemetery is located 9 miles north of Winnipeg on Highway 9 in the rural municipality of West St. Paul. The cemetery was purchased on March 1st, 1920 by the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of Sts. Vladimir & Olga and remains under the administration of the parish. The Cemetery occupies 28 acres of land and to this date has approximately 10,000 interments. Among other prominent Ukrainian Catholic Clergy who have been buried at All Saints Cemetery is Rev. Wasyl Kushnir (Sept. 25, 1979) pastor of Sts. Vladimir & Olga Cathedral from 1934 to 1979, and an important figure in the building of Winnipeg's Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. As well, laid to rest at All Saints Cemetery is Defender of the Faith Bishop Wasyl Welychkowskyj C.S.S.R.(+June 29, 1973).

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