Ukrainian Catholic Youth (UCY)

An organization that encourages and enables young people of our Ukrainian Catholic Christian community to share their gifts with their brothers and sisters in Christ supported in love by the community. All youth, young men, and young women, of the Ukrainian Catholic Church community are eligible for membership in the organization. The programs can be directed to three levels. The levels reflect the differing needs of the varying ages of youth. The three levels are: Junior High, Senior High, and Young Adults. The organization is made up of a spiritual director, youth, adults, and parents. In the Archeparchy of Winnipeg there are approximately 300 hundred members in the organization. The organization was established approximately sixty years ago, in 1944.

Ukrainian Catholic Youth
233 Scotia Street, Winnipeg, MB R2V 1V7
Archeparchial Youth Ministry: Tamara Lisowski
UCY President: Travis Taylor

The UCY is the official youth organization in the Archeparchy. Click here for their website.

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