Christmas Schedule


My dear Parishioners and friends in Christ:

Please check our calendar for the Christmas schedule оf services for 2013 in the Metropolitan Cathedral. We hope that you will be able tо join us in prayer and worship as we celebrate the most joyous season оf the year: the Birth оf the Sоn оf God. On Christmas Eve оr Christmas Day, bring all your family and friends that are visiting you tо our Metropolitan Cathedral. – Msgr. Michael

Please Note

Visits by the Pastor for house blessing during January.  Please contact the parish office with your requests.

Please pick up your new envelopes and calendars for 2013 in the trustees room.  Please make your Koliada donations for the Cathedral in the special envelopes provided.

The Parish Christmas Dinner is on Sunday, January 20 at 12:00 p.m.


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